Industry / Introduction


The Malaysian Aviation Commission (MAVCOM) was established on 1 March 2016 under the Malaysian Aviation Commission Act 2015 (Act), to function as an independent economic regulator to the civil aviation industry in Malaysia.

The role of MAVCOM differs from those of the Ministry of Transport (MOT) and the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA). The MOT is responsible for industry policy-making and government-to-government discussions (including to spearhead bilateral or multilateral negotiations on traffic rights), while the DCA shall continue to regulate technical and safety matters for Malaysia’s civil aviation industry.

The Commission on the other hand is responsible for the regulation of economic and commercial matters. Its responsibilities include the issuance of Air Services Licenses (scheduled services) and Permits (non-scheduled services) as well as Aerodrome Operator Licenses and Ground Handling Licenses. Its responsibilities also cover the administration and allocation of air traffic rights and approval of schedule filing.

These are reflected in the main objectives and functions of the Commission, as laid out in Section 17 of the Act, which are to:

  • regulate economic matters relating to the civil aviation industry in Malaysia;
  • provide a mechanism for protection of consumers in the civil aviation industry in Malaysia;
  • provide a mechanism for dispute resolution between aviation industry players;
  • administer and manage air traffic rights;
  • monitor slot allocation for airlines or other aircraft operators;
  • administer and manage routes under public service obligations, including the provision of advice to the Ministry of Transport with regard to policies for public service obligations;
  • facilitate and co-ordinate matters of interest to the Malaysian civil aviation industry between aviation service providers and government agencies; and
  • perform any other function necessary to any of the functions above.