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Consumer FAQs on Rayani Air

13 Jun, 2016

1. What does revoking of Rayani Air’s ASL mean to consumers?

Consumers would no longer be able to make any bookings with Rayani Air.  Existing consumers of Rayani Air who have already purchased their tickets would need to contact Rayani Air and present their claims for refunds of the purchase price.

2. What about consumers affected by this? Will consumers be refunded?

All airlines are required to have procedures for refunds to consumers and Rayani Air should be of no exception. Affected consumers would need to file their claims with the aviation service provider concerned.

3. What can consumers do if they are not refunded by Rayani?

According to the laws in Malaysia, consumers can file for a civil suit for the refund. For claims less than RM5,000, consumers may file their claims with the small claims division of the Magistrates Courts.

4. What is MAVCOM’s role in helping consumers?

MAVCOM’s role is to facilitate resolution of complaints. Affected consumers may lodge a formal complaint with the Commission. The Commission may then hear and determine the complaint, with a view of protecting legitimate consumer interests. The Commission is empowered to apply for its decision to be registered as a judgment of the Malaysian High Court.