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Malaysian Aviation Commission (MAVCOM) investigates Suasa Airlines Sdn Bhd and is lodging police report against Monspace Sky Airlines

25 Jul, 2016

Kuala Lumpur, 25 July 2016:  The Malaysian Aviation Commission (“MAVCOM”) today announced that it is currently investigating Suasa Airlines Sdn Bhd (“Suasa Airlines”) and is lodging a police report against Monspace Sky Airlines.

Matters relating to the issuance, suspension and revocation of an Air Service Licence (“ASL”) and Air Service Permit (“ASP”) come within the scope of responsibility of MAVCOM since its establishment on 1 March 2016.

As of today, Suasa Airlines does not possess a valid ASP and therefore cannot perform a commercial air service operation. In order for an entity to operate a commercial airline business, it is required to hold an ASP and an Air Operator Certificate (“AOC”).

Suasa Airlines filed an application with MAVCOM to operate a commercial flight from Kuala Lumpur to Langkawi on 22 July 2016, which MAVCOM rejected. However, on the same day, Suasa Airlines continued to operate this flight as a “demonstration flight” which is now being investigated by MAVCOM.

Meanwhile, MAVCOM is lodging a police report against Monspace Sky Airlines for misleading the public. Based on evidence gathered to date, MAVCOM has found Monspace Sky Airlines, which also does not hold an ASL or ASP, had marketed themselves as an airline.

As per Section 36 of the Malaysian Aviation Commission Act 2015 (Act 771), “no person shall undertake to carry by air or use any aircraft for the carriage of passengers, mail or cargo for hire or reward on a non-scheduled journey between two or more places of which at least one place is in Malaysia except under and in accordance with an air service permit granted by the Commission”.

MAVCOM would like to stress the importance of complying with industry laws and regulations, which is a fundamental requirement for participation in the industry.

MAVCOM would also like to advise consumers to refrain from making any flight arrangements with Suasa Airlines and Monspace Sky Airlines to ensure that they do not face any inconvenience in their travels.