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MAVCOM advises Rayani Air’s customers to seek possible chargeback on their credit or debit cards

26 Aug, 2016

Kuala Lumpur, 26 August 2016: The Malaysian Aviation Commission (“MAVCOM” or “Commission”) advises Rayani Air’s customers who have purchased tickets using credit or debit cards but were not able to fly following Rayani Air’s cessation of operations, to initiate a chargeback request with their respective credit/debit card issuing banks in order to recover their monies.

The chargeback enquiries are to be made directly to their credit/debit card issuing banks under the category of “services not received” or a similar category. As credit/debit card providers may have different terms and conditions on chargeback services, we urge Rayani Air’s customers to engage with their respective credit/debit card issuing banks as soon as possible. Consumers may also be required to submit the necessary documents to their card issuing banks to facilitate the chargeback process.

*Rayani Air’s Air Service Licence (ASL) was revoked on 13 June 2016.