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Newsroom / Announcements / Air Traffic Rights Bulletin (July 2018)

Air Traffic Rights Bulletin (July 2018)

13 Aug, 2018

This bulletin shows the Air Traffic Rights issued by MAVCOM for the month of July 2018 as well as the Traffic Rights that are available / returned / expired:

Air Traffic Rights Awarded

No.AwardedCompanyCommencement Date
1BKI-CSX v.v. / 7x weeklyAirAsia BerhadSep-18
2KUL-UPG v.v. / +3 weeklyAirAsia BerhadOct-18
3KUL-NNG v.v. / +4 weeklyAirAsia BerhadOct-18
4JHB-DMK v.v. / +3 weeklyAirAsia BerhadOct-18
5JHB-IPH v.v. / 4x weeklyAirAsia BerhadOct-18
6BKI-BWN v.v. / 14x weeklyAirAsia BerhadNov-18
7BKI-HGH v.v. / +7 weeklyAirAsia BerhadNov-18
8BKI-MFM v.v. / 4x weeklyAirAsia BerhadNov-18
9BKI-SZX v.v. / +7 weeklyAirAsia BerhadNov-18
10BKI-WNZ v.v. / 7x weeklyAirAsia BerhadNov-18
11IPH-SIN v.v. / 4x weeklyAirAsia BerhadNov-18
12KUL-DTB v.v. / 4x weeklyAirAsia BerhadNov-18
13KUL-KUA v.v. / 7x weeklyAirAsia BerhadNov-18
14PEN-KBR v.v. / 7x weeklyAirAsia BerhadNov-18
15BKI-TWU v.v. / 7x weeklyMalindo AirOct-18
16KCH-HAK v.v. / 2x weeklyMalindo AirNov-18
17KUL-HFE v.v. / 3x weeklyMalindo AirNov-18
18KUL-DPS-SYD v.v. / 1,260 seatsMalindo AirDec-18
19KUL-TPE-CTS v.v. / 3x weeklyMalindo AirJan-19
20KUL-MED v.v. / 2x weeklyMalaysia Airlines BerhadOct-18
21KUL-MEL v.v. / +870 seatsMalaysia Airlines BerhadOct-18

Traffic Rights Available / Returned / Expired

CountryRouteQuantityEffective FromHeld By
ChinaLGK-CTU111-Jul-18Malindo Air
ChinaKUL-PEN-NNG331-Jul-18Malindo Air
ChinaBKI-NNG31-Aug-18Malindo Air
ChinaKUL-JHB-CSX41-Aug-18Malindo Air
IndonesiaPEN-DTB1.6 units (4)12-Jul-18Malindo Air
Hong KongKUL-HKG219-Jul-18MABKargo