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Newsroom / Announcements / Air Traffic Rights Bulletin (November 2018)

Air Traffic Rights Bulletin (November 2018)

5 Dec, 2018

This bulletin shows the Air Traffic Rights issued by MAVCOM for the month of November 2018 as well as the Traffic Rights that are available / returned / expired:

Air Traffic Rights Awarded

No.AwardedCompanyCommencement Date
1JHB-IPH v.v./ +3 weeklyAirAsia BerhadJan-19
2KUL-KUA v.v./ +7 weeklyAirAsia BerhadJan-19
3JHB-PEN v.v./ +3 weeklyAirAsia BerhadFeb-19
4KUL-HHQ v.v./ +3 weeklyAirAsia BerhadFeb-19
5KUL-JHB v.v./ +14 weeklyAirAsia BerhadFeb-19
6KUL-PEN v.v./ +7 weeklyAirAsia BerhadFeb-19
7KUL-CAN v.v./ +1 weeklyAirAsia BerhadMar-19
8KUL-SZX v.v./ +3 weeklyAirAsia BerhadMar-19
9KUL-VCA v.v./ 3x weeklyAirAsia BerhadApr-19
10JHB-HAK v.v./ 2x weeklyMalindo AirNov-18
11KUL-JHB v.v./ 9x weeklyMalindo AirNov-18

Air Traffic Rights Awarded for Rural Air Service Operations

StateRouteQuantityEffective FromHeld By
SabahBKI-BTU14xJan-19AirAsia Berhad
SabahBKI-SBW14xJan-19AirAsia Berhad

Traffic Rights Available / Returned / Expired

CountryRouteQuantityEffective FromHeld By
ChinaBKI-NKG713-Nov-18AirAsia Berhad
ChinaKUL-SJW36-Nov-18Malindo Air