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Air Traffic Rights Bulletin (January 2019)

14 Feb, 2019

This bulletin shows the Air Traffic Rights issued by MAVCOM for the month of January 2019 as well as the Traffic Rights that are available / returned / expired:

Air Traffic Rights Awarded

No.AwardedCompanyCommencement date
1KUL-DPS v.v./ +4 weeklyAirAsia XJun-19
2KUL-DAC v.v./ 4x weeklyAirAsia XMay-19
3JHB-AOR v.v./ +3 weeklyAirAsia BerhadMay-19
4KUL-LGK v.v./ +3 weeklyAirAsia BerhadApr-19
5KUL-SDK v.v./ +3 weeklyAirAsia BerhadApr-19
6KUL-VCA v.v./ 7x weeklyAirAsia BerhadApr-19
7IPH-SIN v.v./ +3 weeklyAirAsia BerhadApr-19
8KUL-CGK v.v./ +7weeklyAirAsia BerhadFeb-19
9KUL-CAN v.v./ +4 weeklyAirAsia BerhadMar-19
10KUL-BOM v.v./ +260 seatsMalaysia Airlines BerhadMar-19
11KUL-PER v.v./+889 seatsMalaysia Airlines BerhadMar-19
12KUL-CGO v.v./ 4x weeklyMalindo AirMar-19
13KUL-CSX v.v./ 4x weeklyMalindo AirMar-19
14BKI-PEK v.v./ 7x weeklyMalindo AirApr-19
15KUL-DAD v.v./ 7x weeklyMalindo AirApr-19
16KUL-TPE-SDJ v.v./ 2x weeklyMalindo AirApr-19
17MKZ-LGK v.v./ 3x weeklyMalindo AirApr-19
18MKZ-KBR v.v./ 3x weeklyMalindo AirApr-19
19LGK-CKG v.v./ 3x weeklyMalindo AirJan-19
20JHB-CAN v.v./ 3x weeklyMalindo AirFeb-19
21KUL-KCH v.v./ +1 weeklyMABKargoFeb-19
22KUL-SGN v.v./ 2x weeklyMABKargoJan-19

Traffic Rights Available / Returned / Expired

CountryRouteQuantityEffective fromHeld By
ChinaKUL-NNG4xJan-19AirAsia Berhad
ChinaBKI-HGH7xJan-19AirAsia Berhad
ChinaBKI-WNZ7xJan-19AirAsia Berhad
ChinaBKI-CSX7xJan-19AirAsia Berhad
ChinaKUL-HAK4xJan-19AirAsia Berhad
ChinaKUL-HFE3xJan-19Malindo Air
ChinaBKI-XIY1xJan-19Malindo Air
BruneiBKI-BWN7xJan-19AirAsia Berhad
AustraliaKUL-MEL870 seatsJan-19Malaysia Airlines Berhad
MalaysiaPEN-KBR7xJan-19AirAsia Berhad