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Newsroom / Announcements / Air Traffic Rights Bulletin (May 2019)

Air Traffic Rights Bulletin (May 2019)

13 Jun, 2019

This bulletin shows the Air Traffic Rights (ATR) issued by MAVCOM for the month of May 2019 as well as the Traffic Rights that are available / returned / expired:

Air Traffic Rights Awarded

No.AwardedCompanyCommencement date
1KUL-DMK v.v./ +28 weeklyAirAsia BerhadMay-19
2KCH-MYY v.v./ +7 weeklyAirAsia BerhadMay-19
3KUL-BKI v.v./ +14 weeklyAirAsia BerhadJul-19
4BKI-BPN v.v./ 3x weeklyAirAsia BerhadOct-19
5BKI-MDC v.v./ 4x weeklyAirAsia BerhadOct-19
6KUL-BDO v.v./ 3.75 unitsAirAsia BerhadOct-19
7KUL-BPN v.v./ 5.0 unitsAirAsia BerhadOct-19
8KUL-JHB v.v./ +11 weeklyAirAsia BerhadOct-19
9KUL-JOG v.v./ 8.75 unitsAirAsia BerhadOct-19
10KUL-LGK v.v./ +3 weeklyAirAsia BerhadOct-19
11KUL-HFE v.v./ 4x weeklyAirAsia XAug-19
12TPE-OKA v.v./ 4x (5th Freedom Rights)AirAsia XSep-19
13KUL-BKI-PVG-PEN-KUL / 2x weeklyMABKargoJun-19
14KUL-BLR-MAA-KUL / 2x weeklyMABKargoJun-19
15KUL-CAN v.v./ 2x weeklyMABKargoJun-19
16KUL-DEL-BOM-KUL / 1x weeklyMABKargoJun-19
17KCH-MYY v.v./ +7 weeklyMalaysia Airlines BerhadMay-19
18KUL-CTS v.v./ 3x weeklyMalaysia Airlines BerhadOct-19
19KUL-BTH v.v./ 1.5 unitsMalindo AirJun-19
20SZB-PKU v.v./ 2.8 unitsMalindo AirJul-19
21IPH-XSP v.v./ 7x weeklyMalindo AirAug-19
22SZB-SGN v.v./ 3x weeklyRaya AirwaysMay-19

Traffic Rights Available / Returned / Expired

CountryRouteQuantityEffective fromHeld By
IndonesiaKUL-LOP v.v.8.75 units17-May-19AirAsia

Airlines are required to return the approval letters to the Commission for any air traffic rights that have been expired or revoked.

In addition, the Commission requires that all airlines inform us on the reasons for the surrender / expiry / failure to operate the routes awarded by the Commission within the next seven (7) days from the date of this bulletin.

Cumulative Totals for Reference:
No. of ATR Awarded from 1 Jan 19 – 31 May 2019
AirlineDomestic & International ATR awardedFailed to operate within 6 monthsApplication withdrawn after granted
AirAsia X740
Malaysia Airlines*2720
Malindo Air2360
Raya Airways100
MyJet Xpress100
Note * : Including MABkargo