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MAVCOM Issues a warning letter to Scanda Sky

29 Nov, 2019


MAVCOM Issues a warning letter to Scanda Sky
Urges travellers to be cautious when making travel arrangements

KUALA LUMPUR, 29 November 2019: The Malaysian Aviation Commission (“MAVCOM” or the “Commission”) wishes to advise the public that Scanda Sky PLT (“Scanda Sky”) is not an airline licensed under the Malaysian Aviation Commission Act 2015 [Act 771]. 

Based on news articles, Scanda Sky launched its inaugural flight on 27 November 2019 from Ipoh to Guangzhou, China. The Commission also notes that Scanda Sky advertises and promotes commercial scheduled flights in its website, thus suggesting it is an airline.  

The Commission wishes to make clear that Scanda Sky is neither a holder of an Air Service License (“ASL”) nor Air Service Permit (“ASP”) issued either by the Commission under Act 771 or issued under the Civil Aviation Act 1969 [Act 3]. 

An ASL or ASP is required for the carriage of passengers, mail or cargo by air, for hire or reward whether it is on a scheduled or non-scheduled journey between two or more places, of which at least one location is in Malaysia. As such, Scanda Sky may have misrepresented itself to the public via the said news reports and its website that it is a Malaysian carrier permitted to operate such services.

The Commission understands that Scanda Sky has entered into a charter agreement with Malaysia Airlines Berhad and the flight in question was in fact operated by Malaysia Airlines Berhad. 

The Commission has issued a warning letter to Scanda Sky instructing it to cease marketing its services as well as advertising itself as a commercial airline.

MAVCOM urges consumers to exercise caution accordingly when making their flight and travel arrangements to avoid inconvenience in their travel plans. 

Dato’ Fariz Zulfa bin Tan Sri Mohd Mustafa

Senior General Manager, Commercial Services

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