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Newsroom / News Releases / Minister of Transport Launches Malaysian Aviation Industry’s First Electronic Licensing System and FlySmart’s Travel Advisory Guide

Minister of Transport Launches Malaysian Aviation Industry’s First Electronic Licensing System and FlySmart’s Travel Advisory Guide

6 Nov 2021


MAVCOM’s Holistic Digital Solutions Accelerates Aviation Sector Recovery


KUALA LUMPUR, 6 November 2021 – Minister of Transport, Yang Berhormat Datuk Seri Ir. Dr. Wee  Ka Siong launches the ‘first of its kind’ AeroLicence system for aviation service providers and a new Travel Advisory Guide in the FlySmart mobile app, as part of the Malaysian Aviation Commission’s (MAVCOM or the Commission) digital initiative to assist in the revival of the nation’s aviation sector.  

New AeroLicence System 

The new AeroLicence system improves ease of doing business by facilitating the processing of all  commercial aviation licences and permits issued by MAVCOM such as the Air Service Licence (ASL),  Air Service Permit (ASP), Ground Handling Licence (GHL), and Aerodrome Operator Licence (AOL).  

Formulated based on the need to enhance efficiency and provide greater convenience for aviation  service providers, AeroLicence introduces a digitalised approach to apply or renew existing licences and in the submission of quarterly reports to the Commission. The online system minimises the need for aviation service providers to submit physical copies of required documentation and data, as well  as ensures a secure and contactless application process. 

Through the AeroLicence system, aviation service providers will be guided with comprehensive step by-step instructions to assist and reduce potential errors during submissions. Furthermore, their  companies’ historical data would be retained within the system and protected with stringent security  measures. This minimises the risks of incomplete applications and removes the need for repeated  resubmissions, which ultimately affect the processing time for approvals.  

In addition, AeroLicence automatically alerts licensees registered with MAVCOM on renewals of  licences and permits and other required submissions. 

In developing this system, MAVCOM engaged and consulted with industry players, who are licensees  of the Commission. This allowed the Commission to identify areas of concern and gain feedback on the proposed system before it launched. 

Travel Advisory Guide in FlySmart Mobile App  

In line with MAVCOM’s aim to heighten awareness of consumer rights, the Commission has  introduced a travel advisory guide as an enhancement to its existing FlySmart mobile app. The app  was initiated by MAVCOM in 2019 for consumers to submit their complaints to the Commission if they did not receive a satisfactory outcome from the airline or airport, and to access information about air  travel rights on the go. 

The latest enhancement enables the FlySmart mobile app to be a one-stop centre for consumers to  travel in the new norm. The app’s new Travel Advisory guide provides up-to-date information on air  travel rules and restrictions including border restrictions, COVID-19 test, vaccination, and quarantine  requirements globally, among others. This new feature serves as a reference for consumers prior to  their travel, as travel requirements change regularly and differ from one country to the next.  

The app also introduces a new Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) segment equipped with a  comprehensive list of answers to the most commonly asked questions on air travel rights as part of  the Commission’s efforts to drive awareness, educate and empower travellers of their rights. In  addition, it features a consolidated list of local and foreign airlines and airport contacts, enabling  consumers to connect with airlines and airports easily regarding their flight or travel-related issues.  

Minister of Transport, Yang Berhormat Datuk Seri Ir. Dr. Wee Ka Siong said, “Air travel is  indispensable in Malaysia. As the country is gearing up for its recovery, greater use of digital  technologies becomes integral in our resilience planning and in facilitating a strong and sustainable  aviation sector. Thus, MAVCOM’s push for digitalisation through AeroLicence and the enhanced  FlySmart app is certainly timely and necessary.” 

“Integration of these digitalised solutions will aid aviation service providers in thriving within this  transformed sector and in regaining the confidence of the travelling public. The launch of AeroLicence  and the enhanced FlySmart app are instrumental in supporting the Government’s plan to digitalise  services for the Rakyat and the business community. Ultimately, these initiatives bode well for the  critical needs of the industry and consumers as we move forward in strengthening the nation’s aviation  sector,” concludes YB Datuk Seri Ir. Dr. Wee Ka Siong. 

The Executive Chairman of MAVCOM, Datuk Seri Hj. Saripuddin Hj. Kasim said, “The launch of  AeroLicence and the enhancements to the FlySmart app demonstrates the Commission’s holistic approach as the economic regulator and advocate of consumer rights for the nation’s aviation sector. The digital solutions introduced will aid businesses in their post-pandemic recovery and assist  consumers in flying more confidently in this current environment. MAVCOM remains steadfast in its  commitment to reignite the aviation sector while championing consumer rights and will continue to explore avenues to strengthen the sector so that future growth is robust and sustainable.”