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Newsroom / Announcements / Air Traffic Rights Bulletin (March 2023)

Air Traffic Rights Bulletin (March 2023)

12 Apr, 2023


This bulletin shows the Air Traffic Rights (ATRs) issued by MAVCOM for the month of March 2023 as well as the Air Traffic Rights that are available / returned / expired:

Air Traffic Rights Awarded

No.Route/FrequencyCompanyCommencement Date
1PEN-SGN v.v. / +1x weeklyAirAsia Mar-23
2KUL-DMK v.v. / +7x weeklyAirAsia Apr-23
3KUL-TFU v.v. / 4x weeklyBatik Air Mar-23
4BKI-TFU v.v. / 3x weeklyBatik Air Mar-23
5LGK-TFU v.v. / 3x weeklyBatik Air Mar-23
6KUL-DMK v.v. / +7x weeklyBatik Air Apr-23
7BKI-CSX v.v / 3x weeklyBatik Air Apr-23
8PEN-HAK v.v. / 3x weeklyBatik Air Apr-23
9KUL-SAW v.v. / 4x weeklyBatik Air May-23
10BKI-KCH v.v. / 14x weeklyFireflyApr-23
11BKI-TWU v.v. / 14x weeklyFireflyApr-23
12BKI-SDK  v.v. / 14x weeklyFireflyApr-23
13KCH-MYY v.v. / 7x weeklyFireflyApr-23
14KUL-MNL v.v. / 3x weeklyMjets InternationalMar-23
15KUL-CGK v.v. / 3x weeklyMjets International1-Mar-23
16KUL-HAN v.v. / 3x weeklyMjets International1-Mar-23
17KUL-SGN v.v. / 3x weeklyMjets International1-Mar-23
18KUL-HKT v.v. / 7x weeklyMyAirline1-May-23
19KUL-DMK v.v. / 7x weeklyMyAirline1-May-23
20KUL-KBR v.v. / +7x weeklyMyAirline1-Apr-23
21SZB-CGK v.v. / 4x weeklyRaya Airways1-Mar-23
22SZB-HKG v.v. / 5x weeklyRaya Airways1-Mar-23
23SZB-SIN v.v. / 4x weeklyRaya Airways1-Mar-23

Limited Air Traffic Rights Expired/Returned

No.Route/FrequencyCompanyEffective From
1KUL-PER v.v. / 377 seatsAirAsia X26-Mar-23
2KUL-SYD v.v. / 1,131 seats AirAsia X26-Mar-23
3KUL-PER-AKL v.v. / 7x PER-AKL v.v. KUL-PER (720 seats)Batik Air26-Mar-23
4KUL-DPS-BNE-AKL v.v. / 4x BNE-AKL v.v. KUL-DPS-BNE v.v. (33 seats)Batik Air26-Mar-23
5KUL-MEL-AKL v.v. / 7x MEL-AKL v.v. KUL-MEL (245 seats)Batik Air26-Mar-23
6KUL-MEL v.v. / 290 seats Malaysia Airlines26-Mar-23
7KUL-PER v.v. / 30 seatsMalaysia Airlines26-Mar-23
8BKI-PER v.v. / 166 seatsMalaysia Airlines26-Mar-23
9KUL-BNE v.v. / 290 seatsMalaysia Airlines26-Mar-23
10KUL-DAC v.v. / 1x weeklyMalaysia Airlines26-Mar-23
11KUL-BLR v.v. / 160 seatsMalaysia Airlines26-Mar-23

Unlimited Air Traffic Rights Expired/Returned

No.Route/FrequencyCompanyEffective From
1PEN-PNH v.v. / 7x weeklyAirAsia26-Mar-23
2JHB-PNH v.v. / 7x weeklyAirAsia26-Mar-23
3PEN-HKG v.v. / 7x weeklyAirAsia26-Mar-23
4KUL-VTZ v.v. / 4x weeklyAirAsia26-Mar-23
5KUL-JAI v.v. / 7x weeklyAirAsia26-Mar-23
6KUL-AMD v.v. / 7x weeklyAirAsia26-Mar-23
7KUL-MFM v.v. / 7x weeklyAirAsia26-Mar-23
8KUL-RGN v.v. / 7x weeklyAirAsia26-Mar-23
9KUL-CEB v.v. / 4x weeklyAirAsia26-Mar-23
10BKI-MNL v.v. / 7x weeklyAirAsia26-Mar-23
11KUL-CNX v.v. / 4x weeklyAirAsia26-Mar-23
12KUL-HHQ v.v. / 7x weeklyAirAsia26-Mar-23
13KUL-HKT v.v. / 7x weeklyAirAsia26-Mar-23
14KUL-UTP v.v. / 4x weeklyAirAsia26-Mar-23
15KUL-URT v.v. / 4x weeklyAirAsia26-Mar-23
16JHB-DMK v.v. / 7x weeklyAirAsia26-Mar-23
17KUL-VCA v.v. / 4x weeklyAirAsia26-Mar-23
18KUL-OOL v.v. / 4x weeklyAirAsia X26-Mar-23
19HKG-BKI-SYD-KUL (cargo only) / 7x weeklyAirAsia X26-Mar-23
20KUL-HKG v.v. / 7x weeklyAirAsia X26-Mar-23
21KUL-HKG v.v. (cargo only) / 14x weeklyAirAsia X26-Mar-23
22KUL-BKI-HKG v.v. (cargo only) / 7x weeklyAirAsia X26-Mar-23
23KUL-JAI v.v. / 3x weeklyAirAsia X26-Mar-23
24KUL-AMD v.v. / 4x weeklyAirAsia X26-Mar-23
25KUL-BOM v.v. (cargo only) / 2x weeklyAirAsia X26-Mar-23
26KUL-BLR v.v. (cargo only) / 4x weeklyAirAsia X26-Mar-23
27KUL-MAA v.v. (cargo only) / 3x weeklyAirAsia X26-Mar-23
28KUL-CTS v.v. / 4x weeklyAirAsia X26-Mar-23
29KUL-FUK v.v. / 4x weeklyAirAsia X26-Mar-23
30KUL-NRT v.v. / 4x weekly AirAsia X26-Mar-23
31KUL-TPE-OKA v.v. / 4x weeklyAirAsia X26-Mar-23
32KUL-TPE-KIX v.v. / 7x weeklyAirAsia X26-Mar-23
33KUL-CJU v.v. / 4x weeklyAirAsia X26-Mar-23
34KUL-ICN v.v. / 8x weeklyAirAsia X26-Mar-23
35KUL-PUS v.v. / 4x weeklyAirAsia X26-Mar-23
36KUL-SIN v.v. / 14x weeklyAirAsia X26-Mar-23
37KUL-ZRH (via SHJ) / 3x weeklyAirAsia X26-Mar-23
38KUL-HKT v.v. / 7x weeklyAirAsia X26-Mar-23
39KUL-SGN v.v. / 7x weeklyAirAsia X29-Mar-23
40KUL-HAN v.v. / 7x weeklyAirAsia X29-Mar-23
41KUL-PNH v.v. / 7x weekly Batik Air26-Mar-23
42KUL-TRV v.v. / 3x weeklyBatik Air26-Mar-23
43KUL-VNS v.v. / 3x weeklyBatik Air26-Mar-23
44KUL-RGN v.v. / 7x weeklyBatik Air26-Mar-23
45SZB-XSP v.v. / 28x weeklyBatik Air26-Mar-23
46KUL-BKK v.v. / 7x weeklyBatik Air26-Mar-23
47KUL-BKI-NRT v.v. / 3x weeklyBatik Air30-Mar-23
48KUL-LBU-BKI-HKG-KUL / 1x weeklyMABKargo26-Mar-23
49KUL-MAA-BLR-KUL / 1x weeklyMABKargo26-Mar-23
50KUL-AMS v.v. / 2x weeklyMABKargo26-Mar-23
51KUL-AKL v.v. / 2x weeklyMABKargo30-Mar-23
52KUL-BWN v.v. / 4x weeklyMalaysia Airlines26-Mar-23
53KUL-PNH v.v. / 4x weeklyMalaysia Airlines26-Mar-23
54KUL-HKG v.v. / 14x weeklyMalaysia Airlines26-Mar-23
55KUL-COK v.v. / 2x weeklyMalaysia Airlines26-Mar-23
56KUL-ICN v.v. / 5x weeklyMalaysia Airlines26-Mar-23
57KUL-RGN v.v. / 4x weeklyMalaysia Airlines26-Mar-23
58KUL-MNL v.v. / 6x weeklyMalaysia Airlines26-Mar-23
59LGK-SIN v.v. / 3x weeklyMalaysia Airlines26-Mar-23
60BKI-SIN v.v. / 4x weekly Malaysia Airlines26-Mar-23
61BKI-TPE v.v. / 4x weeklyMalaysia Airlines26-Mar-23
62KUL-BKK v.v. / 9x weeklyMalaysia Airlines26-Mar-23
63KUL-HKT v.v. / 7x weeklyMalaysia Airlines26-Mar-23
64KUL-SGN v.v. / 6x weeklyMalaysia Airlines26-Mar-23
65PEN-BLR-KUL / 2x weeklyMyJet Xpress26-Mar-23
66KUL-MNL-BKI / 2x weeklyMyJet Xpress26-Mar-23
67KUL-MNL-MFM-BKI / 3x weeklyMyJet Xpress26-Mar-23
68SZB-BLR v.v. / 3x weeklyRaya Airways26-Mar-23

Limited Air Traffic Rights Extended for 3 Months

No.Route/FrequencyCompanyEffective From
1All existing ATRs for Indonesia (non-trunk routes) / As per ATR approved AirAsia26 March 2023 - 23 June 2023
2KUL-DPS-PER v.v. / 3x weeklyAirAsia X26 March 2023 - 23 June 2023
3KUL-KHI v.v. / 7x weeklyBatik Air26 March 2023 - 23 June 2023
4All existing ATRs for Indonesia (non-trunk routes) / As per ATR approved Batik Air26 March 2023 - 23 June 2023
5KUL-HND v.v. / 2x weeklyMalaysia Airlines 26 March 2023 - 23 June 2023
6All existing ATRs for Indonesia (non-trunk routes) / As per ATR approved Malaysia Airlines 26 March 2023 - 23 June 2023

Unlimited Air Traffic Rights Extended for 3 Months

No.Route/FrequencyCompanyEffective From
1All existing ATRs for China / As per approvedAll Malaysian carriers26 March 2023 - 23 June 2023
2All existing ATRs for Indonesia / As per approvedAll Malaysian carriers26 March 2023 - 23 June 2023

For limited ATRs, any airline may wish to apply for these bilateral restricted capacity at any time, and would be subject to the ATR allocation process for international routes with limited bilateral capacity.

In addition, please refer to the latest list which contains the current utilisation of ATRs for bilaterally restricted/limited destinations by Malaysian carriers as of 12 April 2023 here.

Cumulative totals for reference:

No. of ATRs Awarded from in March 2023

AirlineDomestic & international ATRs awardedApplication withdrawn after grantedFailed to operate within 6 months
AirAsia X1251
Batik Air15100
Malaysia Airlines*4231
MJets International430
Raya Airways2110
Note * : Including MABkargo