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Newsroom / Announcements / Air Traffic Rights Bulletin (October 2023)

Air Traffic Rights Bulletin (October 2023)

10 Nov, 2023


This bulletin shows the Air Traffic Rights (ATRs) issued by MAVCOM for the month of October 2023 as well as the Air Traffic Rights that are available / returned / expired:

Air Traffic Rights Awarded

No.Route/FrequencyCompanyCommencement Date
1PEN-BKK v.v. / 4x weeklyAirAsiaApr-24
2BKI-KIX v.v. / 4x weeklyAirAsiaApr-24
3JHB-BKK v.v. / 3x weeklyAirAsiaApr-24
4KUL-PER v.v. / 1,652 seats (7x weekly)AirAsiaFeb-24
5BKI-SDK v.v. / +2x weeklyAirAsiaNov-23
6KUL-LGK v.v. / +3x weeklyAirAsiaNov-23
7BKI-MYY v.v. / +3x weeklyAirAsiaNov-23
8KUL-COK v.v / + 2x weeklyAirAsiaNov-23
9KUL-CNX v.v. / +4x weeklyAirAsia1-Nov-23
10KUL-MFM v.v. / +2x weeklyAirAsiaNov-23
11KUL-KBV v.v. / +2x weeklyAirAsiaNov-23
12KUL-MED v.v. / 4x weeklyAirAsia XFeb-24
13KUL-OOL-AKL v.v. / 7x weeklyAirAsia XFeb-24
14KUL-SYD v.v. / 7x weeklyAirAsia XFeb-24
15KUL-JED v.v. / +1x weeklyAirAsia XDec-23
16KUL-CTS v.v. / 4x weeklyAirAsia XDec-23
17KUL-HKG v.v. / 7x weeklyAirAsia XDec-23
18KUL-ICN v.v. / +2x weeklyAirAsia XDec-23
19KUL-MEL v.v. / +912 seats weeklyBatik AirDec-23
20BKI-MYY v.v. / 7x weeklyFireflyJan-24
21TWU-NKG v.v. / 3x weeklyFireflyOct-23
22PEN-DMK v.v / 7x weeklyFireflyOct-23
23KUL-BKI v.v. / +7x weeklyMalaysia AirlinesNov-23
24KUL-KCH v.v. / +4x weeklyMalaysia AirlinesOct-23
25KUL-TWU v.v. / +4x weeklyMalaysia AirlinesOct-23
26KUL-JED v.v. / +2x weeklyMalaysia AirlinesOct-23
27KUL-MED v.v. / +2x weeklyMalaysia AirlinesOct-23
28KUL-HYD v.v. / +70 seatsMalaysia AirlinesOct-23
29KUL-PNH v.v. +3x weeklyMalaysia AirlinesOct-23
30KUL-BKK v.v. / +9x weeklyMalaysia AirlinesOct-23
31KUL-SGN v.v. / +6x weeklyMalaysia AirlinesOct-23

Air Traffic Rights Available / Expired / Returned

No.CountryRoute/FrequencyCompanyEffective dateRemarks
1MalaysiaPEN-HKG v.v. / 1x weeklyAir Asia31-Oct-23Expired
2Sri LankaKUL-KBR v.v. / 4x weeklyAirAsia19-Oct-23Expired
3Hong KongKUL-CMB v.v. / 3x weeklyAirAsia9-Oct-23Expired
4MalaysiaSZB-AOR v.v. / 7x weeklyBatik Air24-Oct-23Expired
5MalaysiaSZB-KUA v.v. / 10x weeklyBatik Air17-Oct-23Expired
6Taiwan/JapanKUL-TPE-OKA v.v. / 3x weeklyBatik Air10-Oct-23Expired

Cumulative totals for reference:

No. of ATRs Awarded from January to October 2023

AirlineDomestic & international ATRs awardedFailed to operate within 6 monthsApplication withdrawn after granted
AirAsia X16322
Malaysia Airlines*29297
Batik Air41201
MJets International940
MyJet Xpress030
Raya Airways2414
World Cargo Airlines100
Note * : Including MABkargo
Refer to the latest status of Malaysia’s limited air traffic rights to relevant countries as of 10 November 2023 here.