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Newsroom / Announcements / Air Traffic Rights Bulletin (March 2024)

Air Traffic Rights Bulletin (March 2024)

19 Apr, 2024


This bulletin shows the Air Traffic Rights (ATRs) issued by MAVCOM for the month of March 2024 as well as the ATRs that are available / returned / expired:

Air Traffic Rights Awarded

No.Route/FrequencyCompanyCommencement Date
1BKI-JHB v.v. / 4x weeklyAirAsiaApr-24
2KUL-PNH v.v. / +1x weeklyAirAsiaApr-24
3IPH-SIN v.v / +4x weeklyAirAsiaMay-24
4KUL-CMB v.v. / +3x weeklyAirAsiaMay-24
5KUL-IXU v.v. / 4x weeklyAirAsiaJun-24
6KUL-PAT v.v. / 4x weeklyAirAsiaJun-24
7KUL-VTE v.v. / 3x weeklyAirAsiaJul-24
8JHB-HAK v.v. / 2x weekly / auto approvalBatik AirApr-24
9KUL-KHN v.v. / 4x weeklyBatik AirApr-24
10KUL-PKX v.v. / 7x weeklyBatik AirApr-24
11KUL-TYN v.v. / 4x weeklyBatik AirApr-24
12TWU-PVG v.v. / 3x weeklyBatik AirApr-24
13KUL-CNX v.v. / 7x weeklyMalaysia AirlinesMar-24
14KUL-DAD v.v. / 7x weeklyMalaysia AirlinesMar-24
15KUL-MLE v.v. / 7x weeklyMalaysia AirlinesMar-24
16KUL-PVG v.v. / +7x weekly / auto approvalMalaysia AirlinesMar-24
17KUL-ADL v.v. / +1x weeklyMalaysia AirlinesJul-24
18KUL-BOM v.v. / +1x weeklyMABkargoApr-24
19KUL-CAN v.v. / +1x weeklyMABkargoApr-24
20KUL-DOH-AMS v.v. / +1x weeklyMABkargoApr-24
21KUL-LBU-HKG-KUL / 2x weeklyMABkargoApr-24
22KUL-MNL-BKK-KUL / 1x weeklyMABkargoApr-24
23KUL-CGK v.v. / 4x weekly (variation from SZB to KUL)Raya AirwaysApr-24
24KUL-HKG v.v. / 5x weekly (variation from SZB to KUL)Raya AirwaysApr-24
25KUL-SIN v.v. / 4x weekly (variation from SZB to KUL)Raya AirwaysApr-24

Air Traffic Rights Available / Expired / Returned / Revoked

No.CountryRoute/FrequencyCompanyEffective dateRemarks
1CambodiaKUL-SAI v.v. / 4x weeklyAirAsia11-Mar-24Revoked
2ChinaKUL-BKI-CAN-KUL* / 4x weeklyAirAsia4-Mar-24Revoked
3ChinaBKI-PVG v.v. / 4x weeklyAirAsia3-Mar-24Revoked
4SingaporeKUL-SIN* / 3x weeklyAirAsia29-Mar-24Revoked
5PakistanKUL-LHE v.v. / 2x weeklyBatik Air16-Mar-24Revoked
6Taiwan/JapanKUL-KHH-CTS v.v. / 3x weeklyBatik Air29-Mar-24Revoked
7MalaysiaBKI-TWU v.v. / 4x weeklyFirefly31-Mar-24Revoked
8SingaporeKCH-SIN v.v. / 7x weeklyMalaysia Airlines18-Mar-24Returned


Indonesia: Limited and Unlimited ATRs – extended effective 31 March – 26 October 2024 (as announced to all airlines on 22 March 2024)

CountryAirlineATR TypeRoute/ATRFrequency per week
Indonesia (non-trunk route)AirAsia
Batik Air
Malaysia Airlines
LimitedAll existing ATRsAs per ATR approved
Indonesia (trunk route)All airlinesUnlimitedAll existing ATRsAs per ATR approved

Note: Airlines would be allowed to interchange the ATRs held for non-trunk routes that are closed with other secondary (non-trunk) airports that have been re-opened and prepared for international flights in order to utilise the limited ATRs held in NS2024 season, on a case-to-case basis.

China: Unlimited ATRs – revoked effective 30 March 2024 (as announced to all airlines on 22 March 2024)

CountryAirlineATR TypeRoute/ATRFrequency per week
ChinaAll AirlinesAll existing ATRsAs per ATR approvedRevoked effective 30 March 2024.
Allowed auto-approval until 26 October 2024 (end of NS2024).

Note: Auto-approval applications need to be accompanied by a confirmed “open for sale” date and commencement of operations by airlines in the application. Supporting evidence would need to be provided to the Commission by the airlines.

Cumulative totals for reference:

No. of ATRs Awarded in March 2024

AirlineDomestic & international ATRs awardedFailed to operate within 6 monthsApplication withdrawn after granted
AirAsia X4--
Malaysia Airlines*1611
Batik Air106-
World Cargo Airlines1--
M Jets International1--
Raya Airways6-2

*Including MAB Kargo

** Including Teleport

Refer to the latest status of Malaysia’s limited air traffic rights to relevant countries as of 19 April 2024 here.