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Airport Non-compliance 

Non-compliance of Targets Under the Airports Quality of Service (QoS) Framework


If the Commission’s analysis of airport performance indicates non-compliance with the targets set under the Airports QoS Framework, a financial penalty will be imposed on the airport operator based on the percentage of the revenue at risk which shall not exceed five percent of the airport operator’s accrued aeronautical revenue.

For more information on penalties and percentages of revenue at risk, please visit the Legislations page under Directives. 

To date, the Commission has imposed financial penalties amounting to RM2.9 million on Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad (MAHB) for failing to comply with the Framework. Specifically, the areas of non-compliance included the cleanliness of passenger and staff washrooms, the availability of ramp Wi-Fi service, outbound baggage (bags that were not uploaded onto the intended aircraft) as well as inbound baggage (the time to retrieve the first and last bags at the baggage carousel).

The Commission also evaluates airline performance. For more information, please visit Airline Performance.

In addition, the Commission reviews airline consumer complaints received by the Commission through various channels, including through the Commission’s website, e-mails, telephone calls, mobile application, walk-ins, and mail. The summary of the consumer complaints is reported bi-annually, and the reports can be found here.