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Committee Members


The ARC oversees the Commission’s financial reporting, financial management, budgeting, internal controls, risk management, regulatory compliance, internal audits, and external audits on the Commission.

ARC Members :

  1. Dato’ Wan Kamaruzaman Wan Ahmad (Chairman)
  2. Datuk Mohd Nasir Ahmad
  3. Encik Mohd Rashid Mohd Yusof

The CEC provides strategic guidance and recommendation to the Commission on any economic matters related to the civil aviation industry, aviation service market reviews, and competition guidelines. Moreover, the Committee oversees and evaluates the Management’s recommendations on any matters carried out pursuant to the functions provided under Part VII (Competition) of the Malaysian Aviation Commission Act 2015 [Act 771], particularly those relating to investigations of or decisions on suspected infringement of prohibitions, applications for individual and block exemptions and applications regarding mergers or anticipated mergers.

CEC Members :

  1. Datuk Seri Long See Wool (Acting Chairman)
  2. Dr. Cassey Lee Hong Kim
  3. Dato’ Normah Osman
  4. Associate Professor Dr. Haniff Ahamat

The CPC provides strategic guidance in relation to consumer protection in the aviation industry and monitors and reviews the nature of complaints received by the Commission through periodic reports furnished to the Committee.

The Committee also :

  • reviews, deliberates, and recommends changes to the Malaysian Aviation Consumer Protection Code 2016 (MACPC); and
  • makes recommendations to the Commission on the appropriate financial penalty to be imposed on a provider of aviation service for non-compliance with the MACPC pursuant to Section 69 of the Malaysian Aviation Commission Act 2015 [Act 771].

CPC Members :

  1. Datuk Seri Long See Wool (Chairman)
  2. Professor Emeritus Dato’ Dr. Sothi Rachagan
  3. Datuk Roger Tan Kor Mee
  4. Dato Ir. Alice Jawan Empaling

The LATRC evaluates the Management’s proposals, among others, pertaining to :

  • any application for Air Service Licences (ASL), Air Service Permits (ASP), Ground Handling Licences (GHL), and Aerodrome Operator Licences (AOL) prior to recommending to the Commission for final approval; and
  • the allocation of new and existing Air Traffic Rights (ATR) where there are insufficient rights and/or competitive bids for the said rights.

LATRC Members :

  1. Datuk Seri Long See Wool (Chairman)
  2. Dato’ Wan Kamaruzaman Wan Ahmad
  3. Encik Mohamad Radzuan Mazlan
  4. Encik Wee Hock Kee

The LRDC provides strategic legal guidance and recommendations to the Commission on any legal matter. Apart from that, the Committee also reviews, deliberates, contributes, and/or provides guidance on any proposed drafts of new laws, regulations, codes, and guidelines or any other forms of subsidiary legislations. The Committee oversees the conduct and disposition of all material litigation and regulatory inquiries or proceedings involving the Commission.

LRDC Members :

  1. Datuk Roger Tan Kor Mee (Chairman)
  2. Encik Ragunath Kesavan
  3. Encik Goh Keng Tat
  4. Datuk Ng Kong Peng

The NRC assesses candidates for appointment of Committee Members and Senior Management with the consideration of their experience, qualification, and attributes. The Committee also formulates and evaluates remuneration and emolument packages for the Senior Management as well as determines the bonus quantum for all employees including the Senior Management.

NRC Members :

  1. Dato’ Wan Kamaruzaman Wan Ahmad (Chairman)
  2. Puan Badariah Abdul Jalil
  3. Dato’ Razali Mohamad
  4. Dato Ir. Alice Jawan Empaling