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Airline information disclosure

As you travel, you may notice that sometimes you’re flying on a plane owned by a different airline (also known as the “operating airline”) to the one you bought the ticket from. This often happens under what’s known as a “code-sharing agreement”. Before you purchase a ticket, you have the right to be clearly informed about which airline will be operating the plane you will travel on. If the operating airline changes after you have purchased the ticket, you have the right to know about this as soon as possible. If this did not happen for your flight, raise the matter with the airline which sold you the ticket.


Ali purchased a ticket to Amsterdam from ABC Airline. At the point of boarding, he found out that the flight is being operated by XYZ Airline instead and that it is a code share flight. He was surprised as he was not informed of this at the point of ticket purchase.

  • Airlines sometime enter into code-share arrangements with other airlines where booking can be made with either one of the airlines.
  • During the purchase of a ticket, passengers have the right to be clearly informed of the airline that will be operating the flight that the passenger will travel on.
  • In this case, Ali has the right to be informed of the airline that is operating the flight at the point of booking or as soon as deemed practicable.

For more information, please refer to the Malaysian Aviation Consumer Protection Code 2016 (MACPC) – Part II, Paragraph 6: Minimum Service Level and Standards of Performance For Airlines and Aerodrome Operators – Identity of Operating Airline.

You may also refer to our short animated video below on this topic: