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Consumer / Complaints / Introduction and procedure

Introduction and procedure 

We are here to stand up for your rights as a consumer. To help us best address your complaint, we ask that you provide us with a history of your complaint, including:

  • written complaints that you have sent to your airline or airport, along with their responses;
  • details of your flight, including flight number and date/time;
  • name of the airport, location and date; and
  • any other evidence, such as copy of ticket/booking, scanned copy of boarding pass, screenshots/photos, copy of medical certificate (if applicable), copy of passport/IC (if applicable), baggage report etc.

You can submit complaints to MAVCOM through FlySmart via this form.

You should receive an initial response from us within 7 days of submission. MAVCOM may then request further documents or ask you certain questions while investigating the complaint.

MAVCOM has the right to reject any complaints that do not relate to the aviation industry or are considered frivolous in nature.

Complaints to your airline

Before raising a matter with MAVCOM, we recommend that you contact your airline or airport to outline your issue or complaint. All airlines operating into and out of Malaysia (including foreign airlines) are expected to:

  • clearly provide you with the mailing address, contact number and email or web address, to which you should send any complaints;
  • accept and review a complaint regardless if you had purchased travel insurance;
  • acknowledge your complaint within 24 hours; and
  • provide a resolution to your complaint within 30 days.