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Make a complaint

Have you already lodged a report to the airline, airport or aviation service provider to give them an opportunity to resolve your complaint? For the initial stages, they would be in the best position to resolve the issue you are facing. To contact the customer service department of the airline or airport, you may find their contact details on this page.

If the airline, airport or aviation service provider has not resolved your complaint after 30 days from your initial complaint, you may submit a complaint to MAVCOM. Once you have made your submission, you will receive an initial response from us within 7 days. We may request that you submit extra documents and information to assist us in handling your case. Please allow up to 30 calendar days for the resolution of your complaint.

If you have submitted your complaint to MAVCOM, kindly refer here to check the status of your case.

We also have a short video explaining your rights as an air passenger, kindly click here to view the video.