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Consumer / Airline and Ticket Pricing / Price disclosure

Price disclosure

Consumers have the right to know the full cost of any air ticket. Your airline or travel agent should show you the following before you purchase your ticket, broken down by item. These include:

  • base air fare (including all charges payable to the airline);
  • government imposed taxes and fees;
  • fees and charges (e.g. airport, fuel or passenger service charges); or
  • charges for optional services (e.g. baggage fees or insurance).

The final price that you see and pay should include all these costs without any hidden “add-ons”.


Hani was not able to view the breakdown of her ticket charges at the point of purchase on the website. She had to call the airline’s call centre to request for the detailed breakdown.

  • Consumers must be informed of what they are paying for at the point of purchase.
  • In this case, the airline must ensure the breakdown of charges are always transparent through all communication channels (website, call centre, travel agents, telephone, advertisements, mobile application). Consumers should not be required to contact the call centre to request for the detailed breakdown.

For more information, please refer to the Malaysian Aviation Consumer Protection Code 2016 (MACPC) – Part II, Paragraph 3: Minimum Service Level and Standards of Performance For Airlines and Aerodrome Operators – Full Disclosure of Air Fare.

You may also refer to our short animated video below on this topic: