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Industry / Air Traffic Rights

Air Traffic Rights

Scheduled Operation

An Air Traffic Right Certificate (ATRC) is required for any Air Service Licence (ASL) holders who intends to undertake to carry by air or use any aircraft for the transport of passenger, mail or cargo for hire and reward upon any scheduled journey between two (2) or more places of which at least one (1) place is in Malaysia. ATRCs are awarded by MAVCOM, based on available capacity on each route, to an ASL holder whose application has been successful. An ATRC holder is required to use all of the capacity allocated to it within six (6) months from the approved effective date of operation and failure to do so will result in the unutilised rights being revoked. A holder of an ATRC may surrender its certificate by writing to the Commission not less than three (3) months prior to the proposed date of surrender.  The surrender of an ATRC shall take effect three (3) months from the date the Commission receives the notice or any other date as may be specified by the Commission.

MAVCOM takes a range of conditions into account when allocating ATRC, including:

  • public demand and the interests of air transport users (passengers, cargo customers);
  • quality of service, and economic viability of the proposed flights;
  • competition levels, particularly on international routes; and
  • impact on Malaysia’s airports and the aviation industry.

In the event the Certificate Holder fails to comply with any conditions imposed by the Commission on its Certificate or its ASL, MAVCOM has the discretion to suspend or revoke existing Certificates.

Applying for an Air Traffic Right Certificate

To submit an application, object or make a competing application to an existing application, or make a submission relating to a MAVCOM policy decision, contact us in writing. The latest MAVCOM decisions relating to Air Traffic Rights Certificates can be found here.

Summary of Air Traffic Rights

Malaysia currently maintains over one hundred Air Service Agreements (ASA) with other countries. For comprehensive details on Malaysia’s ASA, please refer to the List of Air Service Agreements. The allocation of limited air traffic rights among Malaysian carriers (ASL holders) are also available here.