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Industry / Competition / Guidelines and Competition Forms 


Section 65 of the Malaysian Aviation Commission Act 2015 [Act 771] provides MAVCOM with the power to issue and publish guidelines as may be expedient or necessary for the better carrying out of the provisions of Part VII (Competition) of Act 771.

Guidelines that have been issued and published by MAVCOM are:

These Guidelines are explanatory in nature, and supplement Part VII (Competition) of the Malaysian Aviation Commission Act 2015. The considerations or factors to be considered by MAVCOM in implementing Part VII (Competition) of the Act as provided in the Guidelines are not exhaustive, and the examples are for illustrative purposes only. These Guidelines are living documents, and MAVCOM will be revising the Guidelines from time to time.

Competition Forms

Any application or complaint under Part VII (Competition) of Act 771 shall be made in the form and manner as prescribed in the respective documents:

The list of MAVCOM’s competition-related decisions can be referred to here.