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Current RAS Programme

MASwings Sdn. Bhd. (From 2007)

In 2007, the Malaysian Cabinet decided for the RAS operation to be returned to MAS or its subsidiary. MAS then established MASwings to be the entity running RAS and in June 2007, it was decided that MASwings shall take over the RAS operation for ten years.

The cost for the operation of RAS by MASwings is fully borne by the Malaysian Government in the form of subsidies and aircraft lease payments. The first flight was on 1 October 2007, which is also the anniversary of the founding of Malaysia Airlines in 1972.

Under the new public service obligation (PSO) agreement inked with the Government in January 2019, MASwings operates 40 rural air services (RAS) routes in Sabah and Sarawak (including cargo services from Miri) from 2019 until 2024.The Ministry of Transport (MoT) has also designated one additional route to be added to the RAS network effective from on 1 May 2019. As such, there are now 41 RAS routes with 13 routes that are being serviced by ATR 72-500 aircraft and 28 routes are being serviced by the Twin Otter Viking DHC6-400 aircraft. These routes in turn operate in 10 airports and 13 STOLports within Sabah and Sarawak.

The routes for both the ATRs and Twin Otters are as below:

Source: Great Circle Mapper

The routes for both the ATRs and Twin Otters are as below:

No. SARAWAK (Internal) No. SARAWAK (Internal)
1 Miri – Mulu 23 Mukah – Kuching
2 Miri – Limbang 24 Miri – Long Seridan
3 Miri – Bintulu 25 Marudi – Long Seridan
4 Miri – Sibu 26 Miri – Long Banga
5 Bintulu – Sibu 27 Marudi – Long Banga
6 Kuching – Mulu 28 Kuching – Tanjong Manis
7 Kuching – Limbang 29 Bario – Long Seridan
8 Miri – Lawas 30 Bario – Long Lellang
9 Limbang – Lawas 31 Additional service for cargo between Miri and Bario,
Ba’kelalan, Long Seridan, Long Lellang,
Long Akah and Long Banga
10 Miri – Ba’kelalan No. SABAH (Internal)
11 Lawas – Ba’kelalan 32 KK – Lahad Datu
12 Miri – Bario 33 Sandakan – Tawau
13 Marudi – Bario 34 KK – Labuan
14 Miri – Marudi 35 KK – Kudat
15 Miri – Long Lellang 36 Kudat – Sandakan
16 Marudi – Long Lellang  37  Lahad Datu – Sandakan
17 Miri – Long Akah No. SABAH/SARAWAK (Interstate)
18 Marudi – Long Akah 38 Miri – Labuan
19 Bario – Ba’kelalan 39 KK – Mulu
20 Sibu – Mukah 40 KK – Limbang
21 Mukah – Miri 41 KK – Lawas
22 Mukah – Bintulu

Picture of RAS aircraft

source: Ministry of Transport Malaysia

Dato’ Fariz Zulfa bin Tan Sri Mohd Mustafa

Senior General Manager, Commercial Services

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