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Ticket Pricing

When buying flight tickets, you should be informed of the full cost of the ticket, details of the airline operating the flight, changes in flight details, and full terms and conditions (T&C). Do read the T&C of your ticket. Read more

Claims and Compensation

* If your baggage or mobility equipment does not arrive on the same flight or is lost or damaged, you may claim compensation from your airline. Read more

Airline Charges

The price of a ticket cannot be increased after it has been paid for and airlines cannot automatically add on any additional services to air fares without your knowledge. You should opt-in for any additional services you require and not have to opt-out. Do review your services selection before making payment. Read More

Denied Boarding

* You are entitled to receive compensation if you are denied from boarding your flight. Read More

Flight Delays and Cancellations

* You should be provided with compensation if you experience a delay of more than 2 hours or if your flight is cancelled. Read More

Persons with Disability

The airline must provide assistance from the time you arrive at the airport to your departure. Please inform your airline of your needs at least 48 hours before take-off. Read More

* Compensation can be in the form of meals, internet access, accommodation, transport, replacement flights or refunds. Please refer to the Consumer Protection Code – First Schedule on our website ( for further details.

How to complain:

Step 1: Contact the airline / airport if you experience any of the above issues

Step 2: If your complaint is not resolved within 30 days from your initial complaint, submit a complaint here

5 things to do before you fly

Check your travelling status. For Malaysians, visit

Snap a photo of your travel documents for a digital copy in your phone and ensure that your passport has a validity of 6 months or more

Do not put in valuables such as cash, jewellery and important documents into your check-in baggage

Snap a photo of your luggage as reference in case it gets lost and place your contact details or business card inside your bag

Do provide your contact details at the point of booking to ensure you receive updates on any flight changes.